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David Ricci

David Ricci is a  “new topographic” photographer from Lee MA. This style refers to the study of human made-mechanisms and how they interact with the natural landscape.

Ricci is fascinated by recreational sites in America. He captures the bold colors and geometric shapes seen at amusement parks, state fairs, and mini-golf ranges in clean, crisp, minimalistic images. Bernay Fine Arts currently showcases three pieces in this vein: “Wonderland,” “Grand Slam Canyon,” and “The Track.”

In addition, Ricci has created complex photographs that reveal an underlying order in what seems to be random, chaotic scenes. These are part of Ricci’s Edge of Chaos: Fusion collection, including “Engine Blocks,” and “Angular Movement.”

Ricci’s Wave collection, including “Which Winch” and “Recto Verso,” rounds out his presence at Bernay Fine Arts. Here, he found inspiration at a large commercial fishing port, exploring the docks, trawlers, and nets that are abandoned after a day of work. In doing so, he often spent days at a location, driving, biking, and hiking before capturing an image on film.

Ricci is a self-taught photographer. His interest in this medium evolved from his roots in drawing.