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Edward Merritt


Originally trained as a sculptor and glass artist, Edward Merritt has recently shifted his creative process to working two-dimensionally. Using a variety of non-traditional techniques, Merritt’s paintings are achieved by layering, pulling, and cutting handmade pieces of acrylic lamina. The resulting works communicate the duality of meticulosity and unpredictability, and juxtapose ideas of intention and non-intention. Merritt identifies with non-Western artistic practices and draws inspiration from the intellectual thoughts and feelings connected to his work as an inventor.

Merritt is also the co-founder of Genedics, an invention company working in the fields of telecommunications, clean energy design, holographic/3D imagery, and digital technology including object code, cloud-computing systems, and media recommendation. He and his business partner have become one of the most prolific invention duos, creating and holding over 100 patents with an additional 100 patents pending. Merritt has served as a consulting artist at MIT’s Glass Lab and his sculptural work has been exhibited at the Boston Center for the Arts, Howard Yezerski Gallery, Bromfield Gallery, and the Nationaal Glas Museum Leerdam in the Netherlands.