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Janet Rickus

Janet Rickus is an American still life painter who lives in Great Barrington MA.

In her meticulous still lifes, Rickus combines vibrant arrangements contrasted against muted gray backgrounds. Although her subjects derive from the everyday, ceramic dishes and handpicked fruits and vegetables are elevated through Rickus’ emphasis on their color and form. Their purposeful orientations in her compositions are intended to subtly evoke impressions of human relationships.

“Still lifes have life, a connection to people and nature that I love. It’s not simply painting objects for me. The fruits and vegetables, beautiful in their own rights and often with evocative shapes, allow me to bring observations of life to the paintings. The pottery, new or old, with its decorative or utilitarian functions, brings its own history and a connection with the lives behind it”. (Interview from The Artist’s Magazine)

Rickus’ career has included significant shows at Gallery Henoch of New York City, as well as two museum retrospectives. In 2006, she was honored with the Massachusetts Cultural Council Award for painting. Her works are represented in major collections throughout the United States and abroad.