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Joe Neill


Joe Neill is a contemporary artist who is fascinated by how things are put together; what materials and methods are used to keep these structures intact. ‘Nature is the most incredible builder as every plant or animal that grows, walks, or crawls has its system/structure that keeps it in one piece. Similarly, man has made many devices that require structural support as well like chairs, tables, bridges tunnels and countless others. As a result, these structures both natural and manmade are the most important influences on what I do as an artist.”

The concept of a city, is a good example of what the artist is striving to create.  Certainly a city is not nature,  but it is natural for me with its body filled with arteries, organs and content movement.

Neill’s sculptures and drawings have an internal geometric logic and are dense but open so the viewer can enter in while being forced to remain outside.

Joe Neill currently lives and works in Paris, France. He was voted best European artist by Korea. He has exhibited sculpture in France at the Louvre museum grounds. Photographs of this installation are illustrated at Bernay Fine Arts.