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Katia Santibañez

Katia Santibañez is a French-American painter who lives and works in New York. Katia uses media forms of print on paper, pencil on paper and oil on canvas to portray her geometrical, patterned works.

“My goal is to bring nature and architecture to an abstract state, a state approaching that of mind. By traveling inside these spaces, the viewer is both disturbed and fascinated by this convergence. Outwardly, the canvas looks like repeated patterns, but there are minute differences in each grid.”

In February 2018, Katia and her husband James Siena started their first ever visual collaboration and created 2 prints together which we are delighted to have as part of our “Works On Paper” show.

The process is described beautifully by master printer, Mae Shore:

We decided on two separate but collaborative reduction woodcuts as it is a method and medium familiar to both. This fascinating process has been likened to a game of chess as one is required to think many moves ahead. There is no going back and no changing the image once the round of paper has been printed. As they traded the blocks between printings, they navigated their cutting based on the other’s prior cutting. Move by move these images were created, alternating between Katia’s and James’s hands. Each layer is recognizable to their particular style but comes together in the most harmonic way. It was so much fun to see each other’s surprise when they revealed their newly cut blocks in the printshop after they’d swapped from the last round. Alternatively, they each chose the color for the block which they had not cut that round. In an interesting twist (and perhaps counterintuitively) if one of them decided not to cut away the block on their turn, the previous layer would be printed over thus minimizing the last move. The more one cut, the more the previous layer remained in the final image. After 7 rounds of cutting and printing and 8 months later- the final prints were revealed. I am very excited to present Fourhand Choker and Jawbreaker Sixplay!

-Mae Shore
October, 2018

Katia is represented by the Cheymore Gallery and by DC Moore Gallery.