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KK Kozik

I came to landscape painting late in my career. In earlier years I had invented landscapes and utilized them as constructs for ideas. Once I had left Brooklyn and made the country my full-time home, however, landscape entered my consciousness via the eye and I changed as an artist. In the city, one often experiences the seasons as drivers for a change in wardrobe but in the country the sky is not so far away and the difference in the angle of the sun makes in how clouds are illuminated, for instance, or how snow changes color from morning to evening can occupy an observer. Every drive becomes an art-ending mission for me — hunting and gathering landscape bits for later use in paintings. Whereas much of my earlier work was about realizing on canvas images conjured in my head, more often than not, in my current landscape paintings evolve from something I have seen. My attempts to evoke nature’s wild randomness have led me to an abstract language of intuitive mark-making that leads away from Realism.