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Landscape Show

Each of the seven artists brings their own interpretation and expression to what is a contemporary landscape.

Jessica Hess’ hyperrealism style in the “Hide & Seek” series depict urban and rural decay landscape scenes.

Warner Friedman and David Vickery both paint realistic landscapes created from rural backgrounds. Friedman’s perspective scenes are from the Berkshires and are set within a man-made architectural structure. Vickery’s art merges nature and culture in an attempt to make sense of our place in the world.

K.K. Kozik, Sandy Litchfield and Simona Prives contribute combinations of realism with imagination in their magnificent works. Kozik’s “Long Night” is a realistic painting with extra “exposure” to the stars as they streak the sky. Sandy Litchfield’s collage like landscapes are from the island “Ondacka”, an imaginary island with realistic characteristics. Simona Prives’ work examines our complex relationship between the organic and the man made. The artist disables then reconfigures geological and industrial maps then adds unique colored collage scenes.

Chris Malcolmson uses watercolor in his landscapes. Bright yet soothing colors show the water, sun and land in a beautiful light.