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Michael Zelehoski

American artist Michael Zelehoski deconstructs three dimensional objects and incorporates them into a two dimensional pictorial space. “By unifying the pictorial plane and the spatial environment, I am trying to reconcile the dichotomy between pictorial and physical space, art and object, sculpture and painting.” Some of the objects Zelehoski has worked with are as small as a pallet, a police barricade and discarded wood. Larger projects have included a small house, and a backhoe.

The pieces in the “Summertime” show at Bernay Fine Art are an interesting twist to the artist’s work. Zelehoski inverts his process of deconstructing physical objects into two dimensional surfaces, by transforming pictures into physical objects. These pieces are, “Adjustment Disorder”, “Thousand Year Stare”, and “Water Stress”. The wood from these pieces was collected in Miami after hurricane Irene, and on the streets of New York.

Zelehoski lives and works in Beacon and Brooklyn NY. The artist’s work resides in private and public collections around the world, most notably the Musée National d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou in Paris. Recent solo exhibitions include Things Fall Apart at Backslash, Paris, France (2018), Inner Space at Tang Contemporary, Hong Kong (2017)