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Michael Zelehoski

Zelehoski, who grew up in the Berkshires, is an internationally renowned mixed media artist. He has exhibited around the globe and his works are represented in major collections throughout the United States and abroad, most notably at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, which acquired his monumental, 35 ft. piece Open House in the spring of 2015. Most recently, in January of 2020, the artist had a solo show at the Tang Contemporary Art gallery in Beijing, which travels to the Art Museum of Guangzhou in Guangdong, China this September.

Working to challenge visual and cognitive processes by deconstructing mundane objects and meticulously reassembling them in pictorial space, Zelehoski uses a unique wooden inlay technique to create his work. “I am trying to reconcile the dichotomy between pictorial and physical space, art and object, sculpture, and painting”. The artist’s intention is to challenge the viewer to see the physicality of the work in a different form. His pieces are powerful and dynamic and draw the viewer’s interest by forcing our eyes and minds to see things from different and sometimes contradictory perspectives.