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Mike Glier

Mike Glier’s drawings and paintings have always reflected his involvement in human interests. Over the last two decades this focus has been on the human relationship with the environment.

 The “Field Notes” series reveals his study in nature with actual notes and paint samples alongside a finished painting. These works give the viewer a look into the artist’s thoughts as he works through each piece.

“My landscape projects are propelled by a number of things, including the love of paint and abstraction, but most importantly, by a desire to do my part to help make the changes in philosophy that are required if humanity is to create a sustainable future. By studying the land and responding to it freshly, I hope to demonstrate attachment, respect and engagement. And if the paintings are good enough, they will find their way into public life to do their job of representing the joy of living in the world and the wonder of perceiving it, and if they succeed at this, to evoke the will to create balance within it.”