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Nadine Robbins

Nadine Robbins’ paintings are rooted in autobiography, guilty pleasure, nostalgia and humor. The artist’s portraits depict raw, vulnerable moments, revealing elements of her subjects’ personalities and her own. The works saturated colors and hyper-realism visuals extend to her paintings of oysters which are inspired by her childhood memories of gathering and eating fresh oysters with her father.

Artist statement:
In much of my work I try to subvert relationships between the model and the audience, allowing a dialogue between the two to begin. The composition of each defiant portrait is achieved by finding that place between the humorous and poignant, a kind of intimacy that goes beyond my relationship with the model. These sensations are an important part of my practice. For example, intimacy and a certain tenderness is also at the core of my Oyster still life series. These studies of the inner beauty of such succulent creatures express a certain robust appreciation of the tactile, the feminine and as such my identity as a woman.

In addition to the “Winter Show” at Bernay Fine Art gallery, Robbins’ work is currently showing at the Arnot Museum in Elmira, NY; “3 Americans”, Contemporary American Greats. The Meam Museum in Barcelona, Spain is also featuring the artist’s work in the International Women’s Day Exhibit, Meam Museum, Barcelona, Spain