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Sandra Byers


The ridged curl of a dry hibiscus leaf

The closely veined surface of a gladiolus corm

The gills of a forest mushroom illuminated by a shaft of sunlight

The many textured blooms of a coral garden

The time etched ripples of a Yosemite rock face

The sparkle of fresh, dry snow


This is what amazes, fascinates, and inspires Byers – the way lines and shapes in nature flow gracefully, while maintaining a feeling of tension, the way that the forms and surfaces are unified. In porcelain, Byers tries to catch the delicacy as well as the strength of nature’s details. Those small details do not shout. And yet, they deserve attention. Like the walls of a shell or the petals of a flower, translucent porcelain forms come to life in the sunlight of her work. Byers does not try to recreate nature, rather to capture a feeling, hoping to stimulate those who experience her work to stop for a moment and observe the richness of the world around them.

Byers’ beautiful porcelain is delicate, simple, elegant, and unique.

Sandra Byers has for many years shown her porcelain at the annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC, and the American Craft Exposition in Chicago.