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Sue Muskat

Sue Muskat is a contemporary artist who lives and works in the Berkshires of Western, Ma.

Sue trained in Italy, studying art, architecture, and design. She later live and work in New Haven, CT for a few months. The oldest objects at the Yale University Art Gallery are Assyrian gypesous alabaster panels. These artworks spook to her on many levels and she expanded her interest in Assyrian artifacts and later to Egyptian hieroglyphics. In addition, the Yale University Library houses the Josef Albers Papers. His letters and drafts of lectures added to Sue’s understanding of his theory of color.

More often then not, the objects Muskat choses to paint have direct relationships to her past. The objects are visual memories and personal homages to growing up and becoming the artist that she is today. These days Muskat continue to focus on design, iconic imagery, historical artifacts and most recently the intricate macro and micro designs in nature.