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“Beagle Pup” by Phil Knoll, Watercolor and color pencil

Bernay Fine Art presents “Winter Exhibition”, a new exhibition that will promote contemporary artists from the United States and Europe in mediums of painting and works on paper. New works by three artists will be featured in the show including Diane Ayott, Phil Knoll and Joe Neill.

This award-winning group of artists has been carefully curated to reflect a different range of forms and dynamic styles. Diane Ayott is a contemporary, modernist painter who uses paint and various collage materials to explore patterns and repetition which create serene, dream-like pieces. Phil Knoll is a figurative realistic painter who creates magnificent grids and large paintings of animals and other subjects using graphite and watercolor. Joe Neill is a contemporary artist who is fascinated by how things are put together; what materials and methods are used to keep these structures intact. Neill’s drawings have an internal geometric logic and are dense but open so the viewer can enter in while being forced to remain outside. VIEW THE ARTISTS