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Hideyo Okamura


Current Exhibition:

Works On Paper – October 5th – November 16th, 2019

Bernay Fine Art is pleased to announce “Works on Paper” opening October 5th with a reception for the artists from 5-7 PM. The exhibit will showcase artists working on paper in three different mediums; paintings, prints and drawings.

The paintings in the show include works by abstract artists Barbara Takenaga, Dana Piazza and Lynda Schlosburg. Sandy Litchfield uses gouache to create collage like landscapes while Ellen Kaiden and Stephanie Anderson paint beautiful hyperrealist works with watercolors. Warner Friedman will contribute some very unique small works of wood grains.

James Sienna and Katia Santibanez collaborate on two reduction woodcut prints in 7 colors. Santibanez also contributes several magnificent prints and drawings of her own.

There are several impressive drawings in the exhibit, as well. Hideyo Okamura and Karin Schaefer have created highly detailed beautiful ink drawings, while JoAnne Carson and Geoff Young bring us surreal colored pencil drawings that are delightful to look at. Joe Neill’s white ink drawing on black paper is quite dramatic and is a great example of his open structural style.

The “Works on Paper” exhibit will be on display from October 5th through November 16th, 2019.


Previous Exhibition:

Alternative Dimensions – August 17th – September 28th, 2019

Bernay Fine Art is pleased to announce our new show “Alternative Dimensions,” opening August 17 with a reception for the artists from 5-7. The gallery is located at 325 Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington, MA. and is open to the public.

“Alternative Dimensions” comes to life in the gallery as the work physically moves from hyper-realism to the abstract.

The show includes six new artists including Morgan Bulkeley, Hideyo Okamura and Lynda Schlosberg who are abstract artists. Ellen Kaiden is a still life watercolor artist, while Chenta Laury and Mark Olshansky are fabulous fiber artists.

Other artists in the show are; Warner Friedman, Joan Griswold, Jessica Hess, Joe Neill, Linda Pochesci, Janet Rickus, Nadine Robbins, and Karin Schaefer.

Summertime – June 29th – August 10th, 2019

Each of the artists participating in this exhibit have their own interpretation of summertime, and it is these diverse insights that make this show so unique. Janet Rickus, Joan Griswold and Huguette Martel bring us new romantic realism paintings of summer fruit, outdoor greenery, and animals. Katia Santibanez, Jean Claude Goldberg and Geoff Young bring vibrant summer colors to each of their individual individual styles. Santibanez with her magnificent prints, Goldberg with his larger than life tropical paintings and Young with his geometrical pencil drawings. Barbara Takenaga, Sarah Walker, and Karin Schaefer bring us an abstract view of the summer months with colors that are bold and exciting. Sandy Litchfield, Linda Pochesci, Marjorie Reid and Maggie Mailer bring contemporary summer landscapes and still lifes to the exhibit; Litchfield dazzles us with “Rose Tinted Summer”, Marjorie Reid and Maggie Mailer cover canvases with bursts of color. Lastly, Linda Pochesci paints beautiful seascapes. Warner Friedman and Michael Zelehoski show off their shaped works; Friedman’s painting, titled Summertime, brings us to a Wisconsin lake, while Zelehoski’s work uses water and is made from wood from hurricane Irene. Nadine Robbins’ Runnin on Dunkin is a portrait of a women enjoying a vice and we also have one of her unique oyster paintings, while David Ricci’s photographs bring us back to our childhood summers with an amusement park and water rides. And, of course, Sandra Byers’ porcelain pieces are delicate, simple, elegant, and unique. They remind us of seashells on the beaches of Sanibel island.

The “X” Factor: Works by XIV Women Artists – May 4th – June 22nd, 2019

The works cover a wide visual spectrum from the hyperrealist paintings of Jessica Hess and Nadine Robbins to the deeply personal non-objective visions of Barbara Takenaga and Katia Santibanez. Sandra Byers and Sally Curcio bring exquisite sensibilities to three dimensional pieces in porcelain and sculpture. Joan Griswold and Linda Pochesci’s paintings are preoccupied with light and its effects on the surfaces and planes of the architectural environments we live in. Janet Rickus showers love and affection on her still life paintings, while Carrie Crane and Sandy Litchfield offer us new conceptual ways of thinking about landscapes. Maggie Mailer produces landscapes that shift from the abstract to the narrative, and Majory Reid’s innovative abstract paintings show how color can dominate. Sandy Winters just back from a retrospective at the DeLand Museum, once again beguiles us with her expressive draftsmanship.

As magnificent as each artist’s work in the “X” Factor exhibit is, it is the combined effect of the different styles and mediums that makes this show unique.